CONFERENCE “OPEN GOVERNMENT” Moscow, December 12-13, 2012.
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Mikhail Abyzov, Minister of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Abyzov, Minister of the Russian Federation:

The Conference is important first of all because it will clarify what the Open Government Read more>

Ivan Pavlov, chairman of The Freedom of Information Foundation Council
Ivan Pavlov, chairman of The Freedom of Information Foundation Council:

The Conference is supposed to show that Open government is the way that could help the state to retain its stability. Read more>

Ivan Begtin, the head of Non-Governmental Partnership Informational Culture
Ivan Begtin, the head of Non-Governmental Partnership Informational Culture:

Holding of such conference will be very useful as far as we will find there people called international experts who have authentic knowledge of world experience. Read more>


Open Government in Russia


13 Dec

Dmitry Medvedev has participated in Conference “Open Government”

13 Dec

It is planed to hold an open international meeting of experts groups in Moscow in April 2013

13 Dec

The minister of Russia Mikhail Abyzov has told that National plan draft would be elaborated and that was still open to be discussed

13 Dec

World bank ratified an agreement with Ulyanovsk Oblast

13 Dec

Open state government role in ecosystem, state services crowdsourcing, civil initiatives support, fighting the corruption – these are master-classes on urgent problems given by leading world experts

13 Dec

The second day of intentional conference Open Government has started in Skolkovo center

12 Dec

From now on Moscow citizens can find out where to park their cars using new web portal, which analyzes crowding and location of Moscow parking



12 december Day 1

Open Government – open region

Plenary session Open Government – “Open Region”. World tendencies and Moscow experience

The opening of the conference. Introduction

World practice organization of the Open Government

World experience of discovery data in government

Management of the open region in the example of the city of Moscow. Objectives and results

“Open Region” system elements:

Personnel policy

Ways of internet cooperation of authorities and citizens

Open data, providing of state services in electronic forms

Open state governance: international experience and perspectives of Russian regions

How to increase information openness and state government accountability?

How to create effective infrastructure of social involvement in state government process? Best world practice

13 december Day 2

Open Government: Russian practice and international experience

Master classes of international experts:

Open Data: place in the ecosystem of Open State Governance

New forms of state governance. Crowdsourcing of Open State Governance

Involvement of citizens in state governance and civil initiatives support

Expert creation of complex solutions (‘think tanks’)

Open state governance in ministries, cities and regions

Corruption contrariety

Brainstorm discussions

Open data: mechanisms and realization

Open Government in Russia – half year results and priorities for 2013

Open society: support of social important projects and non-profit organisations

Technologies of work of State government administration with expert society

Involvement of citizens in process of State decisions making: social initiatives of Russia

Civil control: fighting corruption

Plenary session «Open Government – governance for citizens»